Once inhabited by the Elves, Gith was a bastion of peace and prosperity. The Elves were devout in the religion and because of their faith were rewarded with the secrets of divine magic. As their knowledge grew they began to explore the elements and started to understand arcane magic almost as well as they had grasped the power of the divine.

The Elves were spread all across the continent of Gith for a time and then the Human Empire started to form from the various tribes and towns. The Elves did not agree with the rapid expansion of this new Empire and began to fear the Humans. The differences of these two races were put aside as a new foe emerged. Demonic forces had found their way onto the material plane somehow and war was waged throughout the realm.

After a long and bloody struggle that lasted 9 years the demons had been pushed back to Hell. Though the Elves had managed to be the victors it came at a high price, they had lost much of their civilization and of their kin. The Humans had fought in the battles, but they had far less men to spare during the war and as a result the Elves had made up the bulk of the defense. For a time the Elves tried to rebuild, but within time the Human Empire had taken the place as the dominant race on Gith. Within 50 short years the Elves had vanished completely and the Humans continued to thrive. The ruins of the Elves are shrouded in mystery and the forest lands have overgrown in the 350 years since.

The Human Empire has differed much from the Elven one that proceeded it, the most notable thing is that the Humans grasped arcane magic easily, but have only recently come into magic of the divine nature. The Human Empire was never very strong in its faith until more recent times. Now the church holds much of the power and slowly the King is becoming more of a figure head than a monarch. While Humans did find arcane magic natural to them, users of magic are often seen as untrustworthy and are almost always met with suspicion. There are a few exceptions for those users of the arts that have proven they are able to be trusted, the most notable being King Donivan’s adviser Notal Stagon.

The church is centered around the Divine Trinity, a collection of three Gods that helped to shape Humanity. Those divine beings are Fyris, Chromis, and Mogroth. The church began with the noble mission of helping those in need and required nothing in return, but soon it grew in power and has slowly become a warped shell of its former self. In some extreme cases the church acts more like a guild of thugs than a church. Still there are those that can be commended in the clergy.

Heroes of Gith

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